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How Does HBA Cares Select Projects?

The initial identification of potential projects comes from the non-profits with the construction needs, either directly or through a third party who is aware of HBA Cares. The non-profit completes an application and submits it to HBA Cares, where it is evaluated by the Project Evaluation Committee. The Committee will conduct a site visit and discuss the need with the non-profit. If the projects appears to be viable, the committee will develop an initial scope of work and cost estimate, discuss those with the non-profit, and then make a formal recommendation to the HBA Cares Board of Directors. The Board will then vote on whether or not to partner with the non-profit on the project.

How Does the Process Work?

Once the project has been approved, HBA Cares will recruit a Builder Captain to finalize the scope of work and cost estimate and coordinate with the non-profit to ensure that their needs are met. Once the non-profit agrees with the concept and has the funds, the project will move forward. The Builder Captain and HBA Cares will solicit donated materials and services from suppliers and sub-contractors to reduce the cost of the project. HBA Cares receives 10% of any savings generated for its role in coordinating the project. The target is to save at least 25% of the actual cost, allowing the non-profit to retain a significant portion of funding for other needs.

Please find our Construction Application Form here.

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